Is PVC Recyclable? Yes! 

Our customers often ask us, “Can PVC be recycled?” We’re very happy to say that yes, it can!

PVC possesses natural advantages that make it a more sustainable choice. During manufacturing, there is a closed loop system, which means that every single piece of excess material is reclaimed and reused and no PVC goes to waste.  Furthermore, studies have proven that it is possible to recycle PVC from older buildings and materials can be recycled up to 8 times without any negative effects on the cellular structure or integrity.

At PVC Solutions, our entire business model is based on cutting the supply chain and delivering high-quality PVC products directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. Additional steps along the supply chain, such as involving a middleman, increase both costs and carbon emissions involved in the transportation of products. Therefore, we have a smaller carbon footprint than most companies on the market!

The Future is Sustainable

PVC offers up the perfect ratio of cost versus performance, making it an important product in the developing world and other world economies. At the same time, the PVC industry is looking to the future and taking on many voluntary commitments to improve lives and conserve resources in our ever-changing world. After all, we all have to live here!

PVC products are super durable, often with service lives exceeding fifteen years. It’s one of the only materials that doesn’t degrade or corrode, while simultaneously staying easy to recycle. Our PVC manufacturers take active steps to decrease emissions during production, recycling, and throughout the supply chain.