About PVC Solutions

Since 2016, PVC Solutions has been providing contractors and developers across Eastern Massachusetts with the finest PVC trim products available, supported by unmatched customer service. We’ve partnered with builders on everything from small residential projects to industrial campuses.

Our milling floor is home to master customizers who can solve any creative design puzzle our clients dream up.

And our operation is backed by a support staff whose mission is to turn your PVC needs from a pain point to an oasis of calm.

We know we can elevate your PVC experience because we’ve done it for so many others. Drop us a line or stop by our shop and let us show you how.


At PVC Solutions, client satisfaction is our mission, and PVC is how we deliver on it.


We get your world. We know what it’s like to wait around all day, wondering if your lumberyard is going to come through for you.

So when you work with us, we make sure you know exactly what you’re going to get and exactly when you’re going to get it. The only surprise might be the low price you’ll pay.

Impeccable Customer Service

At PVC Solutions, nothing short of your total satisfaction will do. We know you spend most of your day putting out fires, so our goal is to be the one call you don’t have to think twice about. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we’re on it. When PVC becomes your favorite part of a project, we’ll have done our jobs right.

More Sizes

Don’t live by the limits of your lumberyard. We have more dimensions of raw stock than anyone in the area. That gives you the freedom to be creative with your trim work. And more flexibility means more opportunities to spend less while still delivering outstanding results.


We welcome the creative challenges that contracting presents. On our milling floor, we pride ourselves on coming up with ways to turn our raw materials into the most elaborate of finished ornamental and trim pieces.

Others say, “We don’t do that.”
We ask: “When do you want it?”

Timely Turnaround & Delivery

Every minute you spend on the job site staring at an empty pallet is a delay … a cost run-up … or both. When you make the call, we scramble. Call by 10:00AM and we will deliver to you, same day.

Got a custom order? No one turns custom around faster than us.

And if you can’t pick your order up yourself, we’ll fire up the PVC Solutions truck and hustle it to your site as soon as possible without breaking the speed limit.